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About Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state is situated within the northeastern, Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is the 33rd-largest state by area with more than 13 million residents living across 46,055 square miles of total area. In Pennsylvania, it is mandatory for motorists to be insured with liability insurance or be liable to penalties and expenses.


Auto Insurance Brokerage Services in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, every motorist is required to be covered by an auto insurance. If caught operating a motor vehicle without a valid insurance policy, the state will fine the motorist a sum of $300 and the driver’s license will be suspended. The vehicle may also be subject to impoundment and penalties will ensue. For repeat offenders, there will be harsher penalties put in place.

Commercial Insurance Brokerage Services in Pennsylvania

Protect your car fleets and drivers against loss or damage, physical harm and other property damage claims. Choose to insure them under a commercial auto insurance.

For landlords, be covered with a property insurance policy for the prevention of financial losses against repairs and liability claims.

General insurance insures the policyholder against damages and claims for physical injuries. It is suitable for owners of companies wanting to protect against claims on their products or services performed within their business entities.

In order to protect themselves against claims for injuries that take place at work, employers should take Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees.

Business owner insurance protects your firm against financial losses caused by corporate risks.


Home Insurance Brokerage Services in Pennsylvania

Home insurance is required to properly protect yourself from full property loss. The coverage protects the entire property and its personal assets.

For tenants, insurance coverage for personal property damage is not covered under home insurance, but a renter insurance provides adequate protection.

Condo owners will receive protection with a condo insurance policy for condo repair works and loss or damage of valuables.

To protect yourself as a homeowner and other members of your family, you need an umbrella insurance. It covers claims made over the insurance coverage of auto or homeowner policies.

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